Jola Geldermans

Portret in Keramiek afwerking naar keus: gepolychromeerd of met handgeschept Japans papier - 2.500 Euro
Portet in Brons - 8.000 Euro
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Over Jola Geldermans

I am a sculptor, and clay is my chosen material. I work three-dimensionally because I love the technical challenge. Sculptural work has many angles; you can look at it from above, below, the front, back, right, left. It is so intricate and engaging to make a form that fits all sides. I seek to make forms that fit. And if I succeed, the form flows, from particle to wave. I have worked with clay for 25 years. I have had many teachers, attended many academies. I know the rules, but now I release them and let my hands do the creative work with effortless ease. That is, if my mind doesn’t get in the way. Although I also make animal portraits for pure joy, the human portrait is my primary subject. I like to connect with my models, and I strive to understand their lives. I recognize the human condition and my lived experiences within each sculpture. I represent the individual’s depth of being rather than their exact resemblance. My process begins with large gestures using a big wooden tool into the clay. Then I go into detail which reveals the piece’s character. Every piece has its struggle and a victory in the end when I retrieved the work fully formed and fired from the kiln. It is divine to make something out of nothing and gradually see a piece come to life. The work gains centered energy, its own life, independent of what it represents. The travails of making leads ultimately to personal growth. I understand more about myself and the world around me. Life becomes simple, more manageable, and rewarding.